Work Package 10: Project management

[Months: 1-36]

Partner Institutions: DU, PILAR, CRRC, MSGSU, UPFCulture CovUKBA, SPPU, HAW HAMBUR

The WP objectives will be achieved by building an effective system for the project’s scientific, financial and administrative management. Aston University, as Project Coordinator, will be responsible for the overall coordination of the project. The WP co-lead, Comenius University, will provide scientific supervision to Consortium members regarding the methodological and theoretical approaches adopted. The Coordinator (ASTON U) and Scientific Supervisor (UKBA) will be supported by an experienced Project Manager (ASTON U). WP10 will ensure that the Consortium has an effective decision-making mechanism that will include the Steering Committee monitoring the overall progress of the project, and dealing with the strategic issues concerning the implementation plan and the Consortium as a whole; working groups covering research ethics, data management, quality, impact maximisation, methodological design and dissemination; internal reporting; and independent advisory support.