Work Package 9: Dissemination of research findings

[Months: 1-36]

Lead:  UKBA
Partner Institutions:ASTON U, DU, PILAR, CRRC, MSGSUUPF , Culture CovSPPU, HAW HAMBUR

The WP9 serves to support and supervise CHIEF’s deliverable outputs and outcomes. The Impact and Dissemination Group (IDG) will be established by Month 3 (see Sections 2.2.2 and 2.2.3 for description of the IDG role in knowledge management and communication activities) and work under the supervision of WP9 leaders (UKBA/SPPU). The role of the WP Leaders will be: to oversee the work of the IDG to ensure the effective, efficient and timely dissemination of information on the project’s progress and findings throughout the duration of CHIEF. The Committee will meet regularly as an integral part of the main project’s meetings, and communicate with partners throughout the duration of the project; to encourage and support project partners and stakeholders in formal and informal dissemination activities targeted at a wide range of audiences, to ensure that project outputs and outcomes will reach academics, policymakers and influencers, those involved in formal and informal education, and young people themselves.