Work Package 8: Bringing together researchers, practitioners, policy-makers and young people

[Months: 4-36]

Lead:  UPF

The objective of WP8 is to develop a platform for cross-sectoral communication, in order to facilitate knowledge exchange and collective/collaborative action with a view to enhancing the wider impact of the research programme and its outcomes. The establishment of horizontal links and interactive forms of communication among different stakeholders will be utilized to achieve the development of organic relations/synergies among the parties involved, and to encourage the co-creation of knowledge through collaborative practices and interventions. By nurturing an organic and sustainable dialogue, the aim is to facilitate flows of information between research, policy and practice. In effect, the weakening of boundaries among stakeholders’ viewpoints combined with the identification of common objectives will also enrich the research process by building into it multifaceted insights made in the context of open discussion. Throughout its design, CHIEF aims to build upon the local knowledge and develop effective collaboration between various interest groups and actors, such as local politicians, councils, youth organisations, educational institutions, citizens’ associations, ethnic minorities’ and migrants’ cultural centres and young people themselves. The project’s aspiration is that such working partnership will lead to the emergence of a model of multi-sectoral collaboration in the field of youth’s cultural participation and inter-cultural communication, that can be transferred beyond local and national contexts. Therefore, with the help of our non-academic (civil society) and policymaker partners, in each CHIEF country we will establish Councils of Advisors for Policy and Practice (CAPP). These will play an essential role in knowledge exchange between different stakeholders, and facilitate the project’s impact on the development and implementation of relevant polices at the local and national levels.