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What was the project?
The project Cultural Heritage and Identities of Europe’s Future (CHIEF) was a major international research study funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme.

The European Commission’s pages on the CHIEF project can be found here.

What were the aims of the project?
The project aimed to understand the following three things:

  • How young people make sense of and engage with different aspects of culture and identity in various educational contexts (e.g. school, civil society, family, peer groups and heritage sites);
  • How and to what extent their engagement with varying cultural practices leads to an increase in their understanding of their own culture and that of others;
  • Whether and how (1) and (2) above helps young people’s active cultural participation in society.

Who conducted the research?
The research was conducted by universities across nine countries (Croatia, Germany, Georgia, India, Latvia, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey and the UK).

The UK element of the research was based at Aston University and the University of Gloucestershire and was led by Dr Anton Popov, School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Aston University, Birmingham, B4 7ET, UK. Aston University was also the Lead Coordinator for the project across all nine countries.

How long did the project last?
The project started in May 2018 and was completed in October 2021.

Who was involved?
In each country, we conducted a survey with approximately 2000 pupils across 30 schools, and interviewed 60 pupils and 15 teachers in 3 other schools. We also interviewed people who work for heritage organisations as another element of our research.

What did we do with the findings of the research?
The findings of our study were communicated to educational and heritage practitioners, policy makers and people working with young people to facilitate more inclusive forms of cultural heritage and cultural identity in Europe and beyond.

Will the outcomes of the research be published?
Outcomes of the project have been published in academic journals, books and policy briefs. The results of the research are available on the project website:

How can I find out more information?
For further information you can contact Dr. Anton Popov, CHIEF Project Coordinator at

Thank you to everyone who participated in the project!