Dušan Deák

Dr. Dušan Deák graduated in History and Philosophy at Comenius University in Bratislava, holds a Doctorate in History from Pune University (India), and habilitated in Comenius University in Oriental Languages and Literatures. He specializes on the historical processes resulting in the creation of liminal religious communities. While his current research primarily focuses on the Indian subcontinent, conceptually it is focused on the way in which discourses and practices of past and present are entwined and how interpretations of the past are central to the constitution of (different) present(s). Dr. Deák will be Scientific Supervisor of the project working together with the Project Coordinator and the Project Manager, overseeing issues related to research design, methodology and conceptual framework of the project. He will be co-leading WP  1, WP 6, WP 9 and WP 10. He will also be responsible for overall management of the UKBA team, so will be participating in every WP (leading WP  1, WP 2, WP 3, WP 5, WP 9, WP 10) and particularly working on the development of interpretative frameworks with regard to cultural/educational policies informed by postcolonial theory (WP 1).