Anita Stasulane

A professor of the history of religions and director of the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences at Daugavpils University, Anita graduated from Latvian University (1985) and Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, Italy (1998). She has been working mainly on new religious movements and youth culture; currently she is conducting research on religious fundamentalism and Islamophobia. She has broad experience in executing international research projects: she led the DU partnership on three FP projects: FP6 SAL, FP7 MYPLACE, FP7 MYWEB. Her methodological expertise in ethnography and mixed method research design is of direct relevance to the project. Editor-in-chief of “Kultūras Studijas” (Cultural Studies). Anita’s roles in the CHIEF project are as Chair of the Research Ethics and Quality Group, partner lead for the DU team, and co-lead of WP4 and WP6.