Institute of Social Sciences, Ivo Pilar (Croatia)

The Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar (PILAR) is a public institute of the Republic of Croatia. Its primary mission is to conduct high quality interdisciplinary scientific and professional research in the field of social sciences and humanities. Since its foundation, PILAR has maintained a multidisciplinary approach in research, and its scientists have participated in more than 330 research projects, of which 60 have been international projects. Within the CHIEF project, the PILAR team will be coleader of WP3 Survey of young people’s cultural literacy and WP7 Engagement with young people’s cultural practices, and will participate in all other WPs. Members of the PILAR research team have extensive experience in all tasks covered by the proposal such as planning and designing the survey, sample selection and quantitative data analysis, as well as qualitative data collection methods and analysis.