Citizens For Europe

Citizens For Europe (CFE) is a civil society organization and social business based in Berlin. We work on the local level across Europe changing political and social structures to foster a more inclusive, democratic and participatory society.
We believe collective intelligence can bring inclusive change. We therefore foster collaboration between grassroots activists, civil society, public and private sectors, academia and politics. We are also convinced that individuals, marginalized communities, and non-profit organizations should have the opportunity to actively participate and be directly involved in decision-making processes that affect their lives. We therefore seek to support them in their endeavor to be heard and to take decisions.
To strengthen the collaboration of these various stakeholders, we facilitate and moderate international conferences and interactive workshops, using participatory approaches, non-formal education techniques and multimedia.
We are active across Europe, locally and transnationally, both in partnerships with established civil society organizations and with civil rights activists. During the last years we gained extensive experience in designing and implementing local and transnational projects.