CHIEF’s research actions were structured around eleven Work Packages (WPs) which, through utilising a number of methods, were designed to explore different aspects of cultural literacy, as well as different contexts of young people’s cultural socialisation and participation.

CHIEF’s research and impact objectives were achieved through completion of WP-specific Tasks outlined in a range of project deliverables below. Most Deliverables were set within thematic and methodological remits of specific WPs. However, several were achieved through activities across several WPs within the Empirical Research Block. Specifically: D3.2 produced analysis of the main actors, institutions and practices of cultural participation and socialisation in different educational contexts based on qualitative and quantitative data produced in WPs 2, 3, 4 and 5; D2.3 produced syntheses analysis combining findings of cultural literacy and experiences in formal education drawing on research findings of WPs 2 and 3; D5.2 presented the cross-national analysis of production and re-negotiation of meanings of cultural heritage by young people in informal settings explored in WPs 5 and 6. In addition, several deliverables resulted from collaboration across implementation blocks. D1.4 drew the cross-national comparison of educational policies and curricular on data collected from policy review activities and research on national scholar curricular in WPs 1 and 2. Equally, D4.2 resulted from implementation of stakeholders’ collaborative projects designed in the course of policy workshops within WP8 in dialogue with civil society institutions and practitioners involved in WP4 and targeting young people’s cultural practices identified in the course of WP7.