Unveiling Family Photos Workshop in Istanbul – 20 August 2020

Family is a concept that is not only of profound concern in the academic studies of different disciplines, but it is also a concept that has been continually interpreted throughout various forms of art and has had a far-reaching influence on artistic production. Family photos, the visual record of family memory, offer more meaning than as just basic documentation of our special moments. Thanks to them, the traces of social, cultural, economic transformations, everyday life practices, cultural differences and intergenerational relations can be observed. When examined in connection with other concepts such as gender, memory, migration, identity, family, etc., these photos will delineate our personal history and offer us a way to access social forms.

In this workshop, the participants who have rendered their photos as the subject of relations between the past and present articulated how visual images drive their work by passing through their production processes. Focusing on the points where what is reflected by family photos contradict “reality”, they sought ways to reproduce private-sphere images by using artistic methods and reconstituted stories to transform existing perception.

The workshop, a public online event held in Karşı Sanat, is supported by CHIEF (Cultural Heritage and Identities of Europe’s Feature) Horizon 2020.