Rati Shubladze

Rati Shubladze has worked for CRRC-Georgia since 2013.Rati’s main duties and responsibilities in CRRC include working on the analytical papers and reports, fieldwork and data management process.
Besides CRRC activities, Rati also teaches research method classes at different Universities based in Tbilisi, Georgia. Currently, he is a Ph.D candidate at the Department of Sociology at TSU. His doctoral research is related to electoral behavior in Georgia. He is also member of Europe Elect platform, that monitors and analysis survey data across the Europe. He has published peer-reviewed and policy-relevant research articles. His research interests include elections, participation of young people in the politics, post-soviet transformation and Europeanization.
Rati mostly will be involved in the WP3 of the CHIEF project: Survey of young people’s cultural literacy. Specifically, he will work on the survey instrument and data collection issues from the CRRC-Georgia side.