Julia Nuño de la Rosa

Dr. Julia Nuño de la Rosa is a part-time researcher at the Political and Social Sciences Department at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), and researcher at the department of Law, Moral and Political Philosophy of the University of Barcelona (UB). At the UPF she works on the CHIEF project. At the UB she analyses the instruments and the coordination mechanisms for European strategies against poverty.
She received her PhD in Humanities at the UPF and holds a master’s degree in Citizenship and Human Rights: Ethics and Politics at the University of Barcelona.
Recently, she collaborated with the Institute of Government and Public Policy of the UAB in a piece of research on participatory action and education in secondary schools. Since 2017, she has taught humanities and social science in a secondary school. She has a lot of experience in communitarian projects and social movements.
In CHIEF, she will be working on different Working Packages and will be in charge of the mini projects related to WP4.