Eleni Stamou

Eleni Stamou, PhD, is a sociologist of education with over ten years’ experience in social and educational research. She has worked in the areas of youth identities and educational pathways, inclusion and the prevention of social exclusion and the analysis of education policy in practice. She has held research posts at the UCL Institute of Education and at the University of Oxford. Indicative projects include the Economic Social Research Council (ESRC) funded programme on ‘Expanding Understandings of Inclusion: The Prevention of Social Exclusion and Practices in Schools’, a consultancy project on ‘The Workforce Implications of Prevention in England’ commissioned by the Children’s Workforce Development Council and the most recent ‘Youth Initiative Programme’, which looked into children and young people who were at risk of dropping-out of school and the practitioners working to prevent trajectories of exclusion. Throughout her career she has worked with a range of qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods, with a focus on qualitative techniques. Eleni has consultancy experience through an advisory post at the Greek Ministry of Education (Deputy Minister’s Private Office) and other projects. During her time at the Ministry she participated, with university leaders from around the world, in an International Advisory Committee on Greek higher education reform. She holds an MA and a PhD in the Sociology of Education from the UCL-Institute of Education. Her PhD thesis was an ‘Exploration of Youth Identities and Educational Pathways”. It focused on young Greeks at their final year of secondary education and looked into their pathways and transitions, alongside old and new forms of social and educational inequality. Eleni is coordinating  WP2 at the Partner Team level and acting as a co-lead for WP 1 at the Consortium level. She is also involved in research in WP 5.