Ebru Soytemel

Ebru Soytemel, PhD, is a Lecturer in Sociology at Aston University. She worked as a research fellow at the Oxford Programme for the Future of Cities, School of Anthropology & Museum Ethnography at University of Oxford. Her post-doctoral research project focused on the impact of urban policies on property rights of different groups in Istanbul, Turkey. Ebru completed her PhD in Sociology at The University of Manchester in 2011, entitled: “Gentrification and Belonging in Istanbul”. Her PhD research explored the ways in which urban policies, gentrification and socio-economic policies impact upon the class composition, housing, and patterns of belonging of different social classes in Istanbul, Turkey. Ebru’s research interests include: social and economic inequality, gentrification and social-spatial exclusion, the relationship between social class and social-symbolic borders. Ebru has experience of working with quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods, with a particular interest in ethnographic research methods and multiple correspondence analysis. Ebru’s recent two research projects examine cultural participation and consumption among ethnic minority youth in UK. Her first research project examines school drop-out among the second and third generation Turkish/Kurdish/Cypriot immigrants in London. Ebru’s second project focuses on ‘Cultural consumption and cultural participation among Turkish Kurdish and Cypriot Populations in London’. Ebru is the Principal Investigator of this research project. This project is funded by BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grant (2017-2019) (Project no. 60906, £9.959, Aston University, UK.). In CHIEF, Dr Soytemel will be coordinating WP 4 at the team level and WP 7 at the Consortium level, she will be also involved in research activities in WP 3 (data analysis) and WP 2 (interviewing). At the Consortium level, Ebru will be responsible for Field Analysis research instrument and training to the Consortium members.